How to remove spindle from axle

You may want to tap the outer axle shaft CV joint out of the spindle before pulling. hit the spindle were the ball joints go in. For use with Tie Down Eliminator Torsion Axles that use Removable Spindles. The ATLIN Motorcycle Hex Axle Tool is specifically designed for installing, removing, or otherwise adjusting the front axle of compatible sport bikes and dirt bikes. 0 out of 5 stars 1 $12. Remove spindle and pull the axle out. Includes replaceable Stainless Steel Sleeve with Relief Hole for grease seal surface (Dimension 'E' ). Place the spindle in a vise on the second step of the spindle. Remove spindle ring clip (flat head and needle nose) 5. Note: - When pressing the drive axle out make sure that sufficient clearance is available. Remove axle ring clip then remove wheel (flat head and needle nose) 4. Both cranks must be removed to service or replace the bearings of a three-piece system. This tutorial is for removing a front with with quick release-skewer. Then to replace the spindle such as with the EZ Lube # R50342EZ that you were looking at it's extremely important that it be done by a certified welder who is experienced with this type of job. Install the wheel and tire assembly. 91 - 95 Front 32mm A422 91 - 95 Rear 30mm A420 - Fits Tie Down Eliminator torsion axles that use removable spindles - Turned from high tensile, C1045 steel and 100% quality control checked for accuracy - Uses 68149 and 44649 bearings (not included) - Similar to Loadrite 6043. After placing the hub, bearings, washers, and spindle nut back on the axle spindle in reverse order from hub removal, rotate the hub assembly slowly while tightening the spindle nut to approximately 50 lbs. Remove the blade and pulley from the spindle and lay them aside. Place hand over nose of hub during removal to contain outer bearing  Chrome vanadium steel is resistant to wear and fatigue; Precision-built kit to help remove spindle nuts easily; Ideally used to remove and install spindle nuts on axles. At this stage, you will be in a position to remove the axle shaft from the transmission. Pre-drilled shaft includes a 'Super Lube' grease zerk fitting. 11. Inspect and grease bearings at rear of spindle. It may be necessary to tap the spindle loose with a soft mallet. The most common wheelbarrow is the single tire wheelbarrow. Thanks for any information. Then loosen the spindle nut to remove the torque. Remove brake caliper bolts with an 18mm socket. Remove the knuckle spindle, the gasket and the bushing that is between the birf and the inside of the spindle. Makes it easy to remove and install spindle nuts. Fig. Ive noticed a pressure build up in my front axle when I remove the dip stick. Pull brake or idler hub off of spindle Apr 16, 2014 · Dexter Axle, the leading manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 50 years, announced the release of a removable spindle option on select Torflex® axles. - Mark installation position of ball joint bolts on control arm. The shock will release the ball joints. Both left and right cranks will have crank bolts in the arms. Constructed from heavy duty cast steel, this bearing puller set works on most domestic cars. A. Sep 18, 2013 · Technical video on how to remove your old Fadal spindle and replace it with a new Fadal spindle. Bought a 5 ton hydraulic 'claw' type push-puller and tried that. So, as you torque the nut to draw the axle into the hub, you can get something called hydrodynamic lock. to 2-7/8 in. You may need to disconnect other components depending on the exact year of the Dakota. Remove ball joint cotter key and nut. , or 1-3/8 in. Aug 18, 1981 · FIG. The end of the axle tube is cut off and the remaining tube is bored to allow the insertion of a new spindle. 5. The axle nut requires a couple hundred foot pounds to remove. Rotate the axle 5 to 10 times to seat the hub bearing 22. Box Color: The color of the box is random A spindle or axle nut secures your hub to your spindle or axle. Remove spindle washer. For one end. Jul 31, 2017 · I can see where it's hitting. This will separate the bearing and the axle by pushing them apart. to 2-3/8 in. - Disconnect drive axle from transmission drive flange. Dexter Axle offers several types of bearing arrangements and lubricated without removing the hubs from the axle. The problem will present itself as a Push the axle shafts toward the center of the vehicle and remove the C-locks from the grooves on the axle shafts. Will fit four metric hex sizes: 17, 19, 22 and 24mm - inch square drive on both ends Forget the days of using the back side of a spark plug socket and a pair of vice grips to remove your motorcycles front wheel. I would like to remove it, inspect and replace if possible. This is 1" - 14 thread standard spindle nut will work on nearly all trailer axles, but we specifically carry it for our Dexter Galvanized 2,200lb and 3,500lb Axles as a replacement. Be careful—the trailer bearings will come out with the  Removal of the spindle nut is usually done to assist in access to wheel bearings and suspension or steering parts. I ended up cutting the axle to remove the old spindle. Tighten the spindle nut to 149 ft -lbs 21. 26 Feb 2011 I have a 1980 CJ 5 and I am trying to get the spindle off of the hub on the front end. Page 3. The washer might be a little difficult to get out without a pick or screwdriver. Failure to do so will result in steering I need help, I have been working on removing my drivers side axle, to replace the outer boot. 10. Sep 10, 2015 · The parts of the three-piece crankset are the left arm, right arm, and axle spindle. Instead of purchasing a replacement spindle for your riding mower deck, you can repair the spindle for a fraction of the cost by replacing just the worn-out bearings. Your spindle or axle washer evenly distributes the force of tightening the axle nut and protects the nut and the bearing from damage. • A positive spindle location with “D” washer design Sep 27, 2009 · How do you remove the front spindle/wheel bearing assembly from a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4X4. Oct 29, 2010 · First of all I would not pull the axle as I would attempt a repair in place. Remove the nut holding on the tierod, and disconnect the tierod end, a Pickle Fork will help remove the tierod end and seperating the ball joints. Follow this process on the other side of the axle shaft that you intend to remove. Jul 11, 2014 · Hello, I have a broken (I believe) steering spindle. I pulled the axle shaft out and as you can see the inner axle CV joint pulled the boot off. Remove the brake caliper and the lower ball joint and disconnect speed sensor if equipped. 7. Jul 26, 2008 · To remove the axle you must remove the spindle. 12. Read the instructions that come with your tool before you use it. 25. Remove cotter pin or bend tang washer on Accu-Lube. , 1-5/16 in. I just replaced the cv axle on our 2004 Honda CRV. I am posting some pictures of how I tried to remove the stuck needle bearings which surround the wheel spindle on the front axle. Got the brakes and rotors off & removed the 4 bolts from behind the assembly. The spindle is held in position by bearings in the frame. If the spindle ever requires replacement again, all that’s necessary is to cut the retaining weld and remove the damaged threaded spindle, thread a new spindle into the axle tube and weld it in place. Spindle - 3500lb Axles - 1-3/8" x 1-1/16" tapered. Standard tools only needed to remove spindle. But welding on a new one is another matter and requires the new spindle be welded exactly straight. QT1024 4x4 Triple Metric and Standard Thread Spindle Puller fits any 5/8" Slide Hammer to quickly and easily remove those rusted in front wheel bearing spindles on your 4x4 without damage! Essential for servicing axle u-joints, ball joints, spindle bearings, inner axle seals, and differentials on any domestic 4x4 with serviceable wheel bearings. Remove the Axle Nut. then also May 27, 2011 · Step 4. Mar 19, 2020 · How to Repair a Mower Deck Spindle. Tighten the spindle nut to a final torque of 263 ft -lbs 23. The improved system utilizes a patent pending "cage" spindle nut retaining device as well as a new jam spindle nut which allows a more finite adjustment than has been allowed with the old style "tang" washer. Combine your spindle with a hub and save! You carry extra axle parts, I carry chain and a jack (remove the tire, jack up the axle, chain it, limp to a parts store). Axle type. This is time for step #6 (drink a beer) Note the condition of the sludge in the knuckle. A spindle or axle nut secures your hub to your spindle or axle. When it comes to axle replacement on your drive axle or trailer axle, we will get your truck fit to report back to work in hours. The CV joint snout can get stuck in the bearing hub and may need to be pushed outward through the hub. Once the damaged spindle is removed, the axle tube will be machined. Spindles are welded to the axle, so a do-it-yourself replacement may be out of the question for some trailer owners. I have the locks off and brakes off this is my next step as I am removing the front axles to replace the universals . Before installing Axilok Determine if you have slot style or D flat style axle and use appropriate. Put a large flat screwdriver or pry bar between the inner end of the axle and the Remove fittings securing the shock absorbers to front axle. Use to pull a hub or pulley off a shaft or axle. 6. The first way is what is shown by using an impact wrench which just happens to be the easiest. If you need to remove the front axles from your Dakota, you will need plenty of garage or workshop space. 72" ID Seal Surface. 2. Both cranks must be removed to service or replace the bearings of a three-piece system  Remove the Keeper From the Nut. See new u-joints to see what I mean. Get up and running with fast trailer spindle replacement and free spider plate inspection from Axle Surgeons® Mobile. Remove the outside spindle nut, locking washer, inner spindle nut, and inner washer. 1-3/4 - 12 UNF. I first tried using a 3/4" drive socket extension and hitting from the bottom with a hammer. Looking at your spindle, I would expect more heat bluing for the amount of damage there. Move the spindle out of the way and remove the axle shaft outer CV joint from the spindle. 2-3/8 in. At this point, the axle is transformed with an end that can be serviced over and over with spindles if needed – for example in the coal mine industry. We go to you, on the Remove the large nut on the end of the axle. Choose top quality brands API, FAG, National, SKF, Timken. i Remove the spindle nut. WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook,  3 May 2019 Trailer spindles are welded directly to the axle so to remove one it just needs to be cut off completely using a torch or saw. Support the spindle or end unit so that it does not 1750# EZ Lube 2" Round #84 Spindle for 3500# Axle fits Dexter ALKO Axis Trailer. 6 Using a 1-1/16th inch socket, remove the castle nut from the spindle. 3500lb dexter torsion axle, ez lube, for a us cargo 16 ft. Some are secured with a cotter pin or axle nut retainer to keep them from loosening when driving. Carefully place the spindle aside, then clean off the axle shaft’s surface. Wrap a shop towel around the spindle or use a brass-jawed vise to protect the spindle. Each spindle is turned from high tensile, cold rolled steel and 100% quality control checked for accuracy. Tap the spindle with a plastic or rawhide hammer to jar the spindle from the knuckle. I am inquiring as to a good way to remove front axle spindle bushings? Is it easier to use bushing driver or punch? I have read some of the archives and there are numerous ways sounds like. (Figure 4). Buy a 1995 Ford F350 Axle Spindle Seal at discount prices. 9. Consult your tractor or trailer OEM, or the axle manufacturer in cases of severe spindle damage. Remove the deck from the mower. The axle shaft assembly can now be removed. Apr 01, 2009 · A Little HistoryIn the early days of hot rodding, spindle choice was somewhat obvious-you put a Ford spindle on a Ford axle. The keyway on the spindle shaft is for the lock washer's key tab. FRONT WHEEL SPINDLE REMOVAL TOOL. Looking for the best/safe way to replace spindle due to being worn from bearing spinning on spindle. 8) Remove the nuts retaining the spindle to the steering knuckle. In this case, the oil seal and inner bearing must be placed on the spindle before putting the wheel back on. Clicking on the appropriate name gives you some tips to remove/install them. To remove the spindle, you have to remove the brake caliper first the remove the ball joint nuts. ) SCOUPE CTA NO. Pull brake or idler hub off of spindle Remove the spindle axle nut completely form the outer end of the stub axle. Faster and less costly than new housing. Apply the brakes several times t o seat the brake pads. “Square” at 90 degrees. Using a wheel dolly, remove the spindle. If crank has a pre-load adjuster, measure from the face of the adjuster to the end of the spindle. 1: Exploded view of the left- and right-hand halfshaft (referred to as a drive shaft by Suzuki) assemblies Fig. Apr 05, 2014 · Well, for the record, and if anybody else has future damage to their spindle and hub…. Remove the spindle washer from the spindle (Fig. Replacing a Spindle on an Enclosed Trailer Axle Question: how is this spindle R20384EZ replaced, or how do i take off the bad spindle and put the new spindle on. Rotating the shaft will misalign the gears. The following video tutorial is intended for general educational purposes only. For the repair of burned out wheel bearings or bent spindles Plaza uses a process patented by the Axle Surgeons. 5 ) and set aside. There is a cover over the bolt. no need to remove the whole axle, easier if it is left on, it stays put when you hammer on stuff, just put a jack under the side your working on, lift the tire up, remove tire and rim,now get an axle stand or block(s) of wood, (pass on the cement blocks)and put them under the main axle beam for a little safety, cause you will be under looking Here we go. The hub/spindle assembly can be loosened from the torsion arm by using a malleable or hard rubber hammer by tapping around the edge of the hub. On wheeled vehicles, the axle may be fixed to the wheels, rotating with them, or fixed to the Sometimes, especially on bicycles, the latter type axle is referred to as a spindle. 28 Apr 2009 Self-Adjust and Manual Brake Adjuster Removal, Installation and maintenance. Axle must be stored in a clean dry location. Step 3 Pull the top of the top spindle at the top of the staircase toward the newel post and remove it. 8. It is actually easier to replace the entire axle with a new one that has good spindles on both ends. Remove the Spindle. Grease may have allowed the washer to stick to it. NOTE: To put the dust covers back on, rubber mallet and heat gun did the trick for me. Remove rolling diaphragm seal from axle shaft. So my question is will the CV joint pass threw the spindle or does the entire spindle have to come off also. 2 is an enlarged elevational view of the improved spindle removing tool construction with the slide hammer removed; Dec 30, 2009 · 10. On the Beam: Old-Time Front Axle Restoration. If you have ADD plates, remove the metal cap in the center of the plate, and remove the 12mm bolt behind it. 4-Lug, 2-3/4" Outer diameter x 1-9/16", 1/2" Drive Fits the following vehicles: Ford: 1985 and newer F250/350 2WD rear axles with ¡§high shear¡¨ type rotating locknut Made from quality materials Jack up and remove tires. birf in the knuckle will be exposed. Again, nothing. Remove grease cap. Remove outer axle nut, washer, and inner axle nut with axle nut socket. Stronger than new. NOTE: Some Parallel spindle configurations require removal of cotter pin from castellated axle nut. Remove wheel. Jun 02, 2019 · Remove the axle bearings using the bearing replacement/removal tool. Patented “D” washer design locates brake flange . Grasp the curved portion of the cotter pin with pliers and pull it straight out to remove it from the axle spindle. Threads will be integrated into the  12 Oct 2016 To break the seal, the spindle usually requires a little gentle persuasion with a soft hammer. $39. Figure 13. Pull the cotter pin from the axle spindle with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Each set of wheels on your trailer has an axle that runs between them on the underside of the trailer. First remove the axle nut. Use with a 1/2 in. Unscrew the spindle nut ( counterclockwise) and remove the spindle washer. Size. I blame ambient temp swings. T ra ck W id th. Once you have the axle knocked out most of the way through the hub, it's time to remove the strut. Step 1. Again, a dead blow hammer can be used to get the shaft started. On Vin sticker it lists a 7k axle. if you do how do you remove the differential pinion shaft lock pin and drive out the axle. The spindle is what holds the front tires on. 1 1/4" x 1 3/4" Bearing Kit with L15123 and L25580 Bearings, 25520 and 15245 Races, GS11 and GS15 Grease Seals, and Lube Dust Cap HD Switch Front Wheel Axle Hardware Kit Replaces Craftsman T2000 T2400 T3000 T3100 T3200 Includes Thrust Washers, Washers, E-Clips & Hub Caps 5. Stainless steel clamping bolt and washer. Spindle Removal. Fits 1984–92 Ford Ranger and Bronco II with manual hubs, 1986–95 Ford F-series 1/2-ton truck, full size Bronco with Dana 44 front axle, 1990–93 Dodge trucks with Dana 44 automatic hubs. Hold the quick-release lever in place and tighten the bolt on the drive side of the bike. A rear axle shaft is found on vehicles with rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Spindle Repair Cost How much does it cost to repair a damaged or worn spindle? On average, the cost to repair a spindle runs between 25% and 30% of the cost of a new spindle. REMOVABLE SPINDLE FEATURES • Ability to replace a damaged spindle in the field greatly reduces repair costs by not having to replace the complete axle • With only one bolt to remove, the procedure is quick and easy • Removal of the spindle requires no special tools. I want to remove the axle and take it to a shop and see if they can press the hub off. Wrap the axle shaft with a shop rag to keep it from getting damaged, as the U-joint now allows it to hang free. Set a  Remove spindle nut with a 1 11/16 in socket. Includes: (2) Axle nut (2) 1" x 1 3/4" Washer Non-Plate (2) Cotter pin (1) Spindle with grease zerk Remove the wheels and the axle nuts. All we need to know is your spindle make and model. On the early models, (’90 to 3/95) unbolt the four bolts holding the axle to the stub shafts on the differential. The first step to removing the strut is to remove and loosen the bolts on the top hat. This allowed rodders to use the much better hydraulic drum brakes rather than mechanical drums. Elevated front of mower to remove the Tie Rod from both Left and Right Spindle Assemblies and then both Spindle Assemblies from old Axle. When installing axle shafts, adding too much lubricant can lead to many problems long after the service is completed due to hydrodynamic lock. 11: Removal and installation of the axle shaft C-locks Pull the axle shafts from the housing, being careful not to damage the bearing which remains in the housing. The axle is what holds the rear tires on. 1 is a diagrammatic elevational view, portions of which are broken away and in section, showing the improved axle spindle tool mounted on an axle spindle prior to removing the same from an axle housing; FIG. The spindle is threaded into place torqued down to desired torque. Slide the axle . Then to replace the spindle such as with the EZ Lube # R50342EZ that you were looking at it's  12 Aug 2014 Removing a damaged spindle is the easy part - it can be cut off with a torch or saw. FOR KAWASAKI ZX6R 636. Remove old lube and thoroughly clean the hub cavity and hub bore. Do not attempt to drive the vehicle until Using a brass bar and hammer, tap the knuckle spindle. By Barry Birdwell. Unscrew the spindle nut counter clockwise. Bend the cotter pin tabs out straight, then pull the pin free from the spindle. Remove the outer bearing. Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a great selection of removable torsion axle spindles and bolt on torsion axle stub spindles that are machined to meet the critical requirements of bearing and hub fit. To replace a spindle, the old one would need to be cut off, and the new one welded into place. 95 $ 12 . Others are made to be used without a retainer. Verify that the vehicle does not have bolt on tie-rod arms. • Jaw Size 6 ". Insert round spindle or end unit (hub/spindle) into the square tube so that the brake flange or circular flange is flush against the end of the tube. Pulls a pulley off a spindle or hub. With the axle shaft removed, remove the gasket from the axle shaft flange studs. Re: wheel bearing/hub stuck in spindle [ Re: ALJAMES ] #1196253 07/17/08 10:38 PM SPINDLE NUT KITS Fits Dexter 10K HD, 12K and 15K. Lower ball joints are shot too Front-Steer Axles. Ten-year limited warranty  28 Jun 2016 This tutorial explains how to remove and replace your iSSi pedal spindles/axles, whether overhauling old pedals, or adding longer spindles for a custom fit. Remove caliper  Find sources: "Axle" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (August 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). You may need some extra tools. My car is a 95 GSX Trailer Axle Spindles. Pre fix. Re-install the cotter pin 24. Some of axle bearing removal tools can by used without the need of an impact wrench or power drill, but others do mandate it. 3) Remove the outer axle-end securing nut. This is intended to inform you of the tools most probably needed to remove and replace the rear axles (AKA, half-shafts), or their boots, on your Miata. Place all hardware removed onto a clean area for reuse. I am not trying to remove the axle. diameter. You'll want to completely remove the bolt closest to the fender and loosen the other two about half way. To access the spindle easily, remove the deck from the mower. With our database of more than 100,000 previous repairs, we are able to provide a good estimate prior to examination. Use a socket/spanner to fit and then remove your Front/rear wheel  10 Sep 2015 The parts of the three-piece crankset are the left arm, right arm, and axle spindle. Torsion Stub Axles and Torsion Spindles. But even then there was some mixing and matching to be done. Free Ground Shipping & Volume Pricing Round Spindle 84 Spindle A=1 1/2" B=4" C=8 7/8" Capacity (Pair) 2,000 lbs. Remove the cotter pin from the spindle castle nut. Turn the axle nut counterclockwise to remove it from the axle. Now remove the spindle. My question is - How in the heck do I remove it? I looked up parts and found it in a diagram but the diagram shows a bolt in the top and, as you can see from the photo, it appears to be welded on. Now that the axle nut is off, slide the hub assembly and brake rotor off, taking care not to drop the outer bearing if you aren't May 19, 2009 · Remove the C-lock (#4 in Illustration # 5 or #1 in illustration #4) from the button end of the axle shaft (1 Illustration # 5). Also works on Ford Ranger and Bronco II. The puller can evenly remove it regardless what is glueing it in. Remove nut from steering linkage connected to spindle 3. Place the front wheel spindle in a vise on the second step of the front wheel spindle. A new, improved system of bearing adjustment for Dexter axles equipped with the E-Z Lube feature. If you replace your wheel bearings and your spindle washer is missing, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Pit Posse s front axle spindle tool will make removing, modifying, or adjusting your real axle wheel a breeze. For more information  Install Spindle Mounted Seals and Bearings the spindle. 2: To remove a halfshaft, remove the locking hub, then use a pair of snapring pliers 2. RG05-020 : 1"-14 SPNDL NUT, PKG 2EA W/TONGUE WASHER & COTTER-PIN Nov 22, 2011 · Disconnect upperball joint, tie rod end, lower shock bolt, and sway bar link. and or shape of spindle. 9: Use a seal driver tool (B and C) to install a new knuckle oil seal Using a seal driver tool (such as Suzuki Tools 09944-66010 and 09924-74510), install a new knuckle oil seal into the inboard side of the knuckle. Remove all crank spacers and wave washer if present. HYUNDAI (cont. to remove the pass side you need to remove the drivers side as well as the drive shaft. Fits Dexter 'D'-Washer style E-Z Lube axles. 4 May 2019 Tractor supply stocks wheel spindle bearing hub pre greased ready to direct bolt on to your 3500 lb axle. If the legs of the pin are bent to keep it in place, use the pliers to B) Remove the snap ring, axle shaft spacer, and bearing spacer. Loosen the jam nut, if there is one, and the adjusting nut. (50 Nm). If the wheel doesn't slide in easily, remove it and try again. Avoid damage to packaging and use care in moving and lifting the axle. Pull the hub off the spindle. Replace if necessary. Remove the snapring from the end of the halfshaft and remove the spindle washer. One common swap was to use 1937-48 spindles on earlier axles. . Railroad car wheels are affixed to a straight axle, such that both wheels rotate in unison. -ft. Hexagonal nuts threaded on a solid axle, or a quick release skewer system that runs through the centre of a hollow axle. D) Remove the inner wheel bearing lock nut and wheel bearing. Oct 13, 2007 · The Axle and pedal combination is called a 'Bottom Bracket' - The link below shows pictures of the three common types. Depending on when your truck was made you will either have a 12mm bolt in the end of the axle, or a c-clip on the axle, preventing it from pulling out of the hub. Damaged axles cannot be used. Gene Krebs/ iStockphoto As you can imagine, lubrication around the spindle is critical to keep the bearings spinning and to prevent the hub from making contact with the spindle's surface. These instructions may also be helpful for removing a front axle from similar types of vehicles. (autozone) It beats 80 bucks at the dealer ship to replace JUST the cv boot. Remove the spindle flange bolts. get some wire to hang the caliper up with. I noticed that the new axle came with a rubber disk in the middle of the shaft. The procedure is:Jack vehicle safely off the ground,remove wheel and • Jaw Size 6 ". If spindle washer did not come off with the spindle nut, inspect the outer bearing. Drive Type: 6 Point, 90mm length. 5 Tighten the axle Make sure its tight enough to stop any movement between the hub and frame and close the lever. This is a Weld in Trailer Spindle that will accommodate a 3500 lb Drop Trailer axle Beam and corresponding wheel bearings. It's designed for full-size Ford GM International and Jeep pickups with Dana front axles. Remove the outer tie rod end. Closely examine the shaft hub for signs of heating (blue color) or gouges in the bearing mounting areas. It is placed between the nut and the bearing and can help with hub assembly and bearing load. A) Remove and discard the right front axle joint boot clamp from the outer axle assembly. Use a lifting jack, such as a bottle jack, to lift up your trailer’s axle so the wheels are in the air. Remove the upper spindle mount. Axle wheel hubs are sold separately, and correct hub model is listed with each axle description. To remove the semi-floating axle, one has to remove a wheel first. Threads will be integrated into the axle tube. Using a pair of pliers, remove the SS cotter pin from the rear of the spindle, on the Removable Spindle, easy replacement in the event of damage. Take the five spindle nuts off. 20. The key is expert Our mission is to install a replacement spindle that is equal in reliability to a new axle. 5/8" fine thread makes it ideal for use with the number 1155 slide hammer. Axle Surgeons ® replacement techniques are safer and more durable than old-fashioned patches or repairs. I have been trying for 2 days to remove the hub from the axle on my Bobcat 743B, and I would really like some advice. 5) Remove the ABS wheel speed sensor from the hub. Remove the brake hub and drum/rotor: First, you have to hammer back the locking washer that holds the spindle nut in place. Even though the Watch the experts at Timken remove and install a truck hub bearing assembly on a GM 4×4 front wheel with outboard mounted rotors. The removable spindle option, available on new axles, will allow trailer owners to simply remove and replace damaged spindles in the field without purchasing a new axle beam. That's very specific to the front axle on a Jeep, the Dana Next order of business is to remove the brake, so that's either going to be a 13 millimeter or it's going to be a seven millimeter Allan, if it's an older Jeep. The axle assembly is connected to the engine and the differential. The reason is you have to remove the cv axle nut and axle out of the way before removing the bearing and hub. Choose from three different sizes to fit the main bearing tube ID: 1 in. once all above is done the axle will slide out through the knuckle. Slide axle shaft out of axle tube being careful not to damage splines. Insert and push in a cotter pin fastener into the small hole on the end of the axle. Look no further. Hot dipped galvanized square stock EZ-LOADER factory axle with spindle nuts. Remove the castle nut and washer from the spindle. Inspect removed spindle nut for attached spindle washer. Now there is a modest vibration in the front end, but only at around twenty miles an hour. Pull the cotter pin from the castle nut and remove the outer spindle nut. After all mounting bolts have been removed grasp the bearing housing and spindle and work it outward and away from the axle. It is not   100% brand New and high quality Front wheel axle driver Tool. Damage to the axle and machined surfaces can occur. 4. First Off, Torsion axles are axles that do not use Leaf springs, but rather an axle extending down which contains heavy duty rubber that provides suspension for your trailer. Wheel Bearing W a ts on & Chalin. I have seen many of them that no amount of heat puller cussing or sweat or dynamite could remove. This single Tool fits most motorcycles with the following INTERNAL spindle, covers sizes-17, 19, 22 & 24 mm. Precision calipers are used to insure alignment accuracy within . Aug 31, 2009 · I haven't ruined the axle yet so this is my last ditch effort. 003 inch, our welding is the best in the business, and unlike some “shade-tree mechanics”, we take pride in our accuracy. Wall Th ickness. The axle uses two joints to provide flexibility in the joint. When using Pro-Torq If spindle mounting is not possible, the dial indicator should be attached to the hub and aligned to Nut Onto the Axle. Spindle nut socket - 4 lugs special (Ford) For easy removal of spindle nuts. I thought it was crossed threaded so I took it to a mechanic, it took him all but 30 seconds to take it off and only 40 mins to install the rubber Remove the spindle nut. There may be over 150 foot-pounds of torque on your spindle nut if it is a factory set nut. On the driver side, remove lock nut and washer from bolt and discard nut. Note: If I remember correctly, the brake calipers need to be dismounted only if the hub must be removed from the car because of a stuck axle. Additionally, this Spindle uses the standard 1. The pressure buildup could be enough to make a semi weak seal leak. Remove the hub from the spindle, being  Remove the spindle washer. Push CV-axle inward through the steering knuckle and wheel bearing assembly, by hand. A bent coat hanger can work. This is an Axle Spindle Nut used to secure your trailers Hub and Bearings onto your Spindle. remove wheel,unbolt caliper assembly,remove rotor,take off axle nut and push in axle as far as it will go in,remove abs sensor attached to spindle,remove 4 bolts behind spindle attaches hub Axle Surgeons of TN is the top mobile spindle repair for rear axle repair, trailer spindle replacement or spider plate replacement and more. 7 Remove the washer and pull the spindle flange off the spindle. i cannot for the life of me remove the lower ball joint from the spindle. Over time, these joints eventually fail and begin to grind. Place the Federal Mogul Motorparts installation tool over spindle with flange against the seal. It is possibly rusted on. Do not let the outer bearing cone fall free of the assembly. It's nearly impossible unless you have a good air compressor and a powerful 1/2" or larger drive impact gun. The OTC 7502 enables you to remove the front spindle on light-duty 4WD trucks. As you can imagine, lubrication around the spindle is critical to keep the bearings spinning and to  Remove the hub cap and gasket by removing six bolts. Replace with new spindle. B) Pull the right-hand axle shaft out of the axle joint boot and stub shaft and through the hole in the steering knuckle (spindle mount). When removing, support either side of the CV to avoid damaging the inner axle seal. The inner bearing cone will be contained by the seal and will not fall out. Replace the spacer or washer, wheel, washer and fastener. 12. 4) Disconnect the swaybar link from the control arm or the strut housing (depending on the model), or from the swaybar end. (the washer type that after the nut is tight you bend over a tab to index and lock the nut) The second keyway is cut into the inside of the sleeve to match up with a wood ruff key. So remove tire/wheel, brake calipers and pads, lockout/hub assembly, spindle nuts and bearings, then there will be 6 9/16ths nuts that hold the backing plate and spindle on, remove them pull backing plate off, use a small chisel in between the spindle and knuckle to help seperate. An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. Got it! Now, that's a 36 millimeter socket. Galvanized square stock axles include spindle nut. Drop lower control arm and pull axle from spindle. Tractor supply stocks wheel spindle bearing hub pre greased ready to direct bolt on to your 3500 lb axle. There are two types of fixing for a front wheel. We replace damaged trailer and drive spindles on vehicles 3/4 ton and up. axle. I'm assuming it's a dana 30 front with disc brakes. I don't want to separate the ball joints and tie rod if i don't have to. Remove any burrs inside and outside the tube. To remove or install axle nuts,spindle nut. Once the spindle is loose there are two options. Remove u-joint retainer clips from the inside of the joints. When a spindle has been in place on the mower for a Front axle assemblies are only used on four-wheel drive models of the Dodge Dakota truck. (12" wrench or pliers with full hand force). Pretty normal stuff when building a Hot Rod. There are three methods that can be used to loosen and remove the axle nut. Remove the retaining nut and washer, then pull the hub off the spindle. The rear axle transfers power from the rear differential to the drive wheels. Is it better to disassemble front axle or just do while attached to tractor. drive tool. Too much whacking on the ends of the axles could cause some issues including damaging the threads to the retaining nut threads. If the torsion arm is exposed on the backside, you can place the castle nut back on the spindle so that it is even with the end of the spindle, and Dec 27, 2008 · How do you remove the spindle after removing the axle on a 2001 honda civic - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Picture 12 - Press drive axle out. Axle requires (2) each of the BT-150A 'Short Hub' and 3/4" Nut Retainer. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The next method is to have someone hold the brakes on while using a breaker bar to keep the axle from turning. NOTE: Remaining grease on components can act as a mastic. It goes away as speed increases. Remove the inner race (part of the failed inside bearing) and examine the shaft for roundness and whether or not the ring had actually spun on the shaft. enclosed trailer, it has a bad spindle on 1 of the axles. Return to Table of Contents Front Axle 7. Free shipping Axle Surgeons® Mobile Spindle Replacement Get Back on the road faster, safer, with Axle Surgeons® mobile spindle replacement Axle Surgeons® replaces damaged drive and trailer spindles on vehicles 3/4-ton and up. Hubs are 8on6. Wheelbarrows come with single and double tires. you can see my cv boot torn in the back. If an axle nut loosens or falls off, the hub bearings can move, causing a wobbling effect. It is actually easier to replace the entire  Remove tire/rim from the hub. Any Ideas? I do not believe  21 Mar 2018 Remove stubborn dust caps with a hammer and cold chisel. John Gunnell. Axle Part Numbering Guide. To get a wheelbarrow wheel off of the axle requires removing the axle from the wheelbarrow. 99. Step 4 – Remove Axle. Brake. It may be necessary to pry the axle shaft out of the transmission with a screwdriver if it is stubbornly fixed in place. You may need a large flat head screw driver to pop the sxle out of the transaxle. C) Remove the lock nut with a 4 prong hub tool. Includes torsion arm mounting nut, washer & cotter pin and hub mounting nut, washer & cotter pin hardware. Disconnect the tie rod end from the knuckle assembly. Almost looks like the spindle has a raised burr in that area. Trailer spindles are welded directly to the axle so to remove one it just needs to be cut off completely using a torch or saw. Disconnect the vacuum lines and wire at the disconnect housing on the axle. Before: After: Step 5. It is also intended to be used with the shop manual. There was a clicking noise during right hand turns, so I replaced the right side CV axle. Remove the axle shaft and discard the gaskets. Aug 02, 2004 · Inspect the rubber seal that goes between the shaft flange and spindle and replace if necessary. Axilok product. Important: When removing the axle shaft, do not rotate the shaft. Wrap a shop towel around the front wheel spindle or use a brass-jawed vise to protect the front This is a replacement removable Spindle for Tie Down Engineering Brand 3,500lb Torsion Axles. This is NOT a job for the do-it-yourselfer. Acrylamide is not added to these products, but results naturally from the roasting, baking or cooking process. Removing a damaged spindle is the easy part - it can be cut off with a torch or saw. This will be hard to remove because of it's size and torque. This is called a wheelset. Jan 13, 2010 · to change out upper & lower ball joints. - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic Install the spindle onto the knuckle, then tighten the spindle-to-knuckle bolts to 36 ft. Wheelbarrow wheels will go flat and require repair or replacement just like any other tire. Clamp tube to a secure welding table. Push down gently on the saddle and make sure the axle is securely seated in the dropouts. Brakes are 12x2, so axle has 5 bolt flange. Seal Inspection and Replacement. You must contact 1-877-800-4945 for instructions. Skip the trip to the mechanic - this bearing puller makes it easy to remove semi-floating rear axle bearings. This can damage the inner boot and the clamp and they will need to be replaced. The hub is bolted to the spindle from the back with 3 bolts. A UA certified spindle technician will arrive on location in their mobile service vehicle. - Remove drive axle. Be sure the spindle slot is clean and free of burrs and foreign material before installing  Axle Removal. Once you have it loose, leave it on till you get the strut loose, outer tie rod off and the brake caliper. I found a thick, old starter gear and drilled 8 holes which match the wheel bolts on the bobcat. do you remove the axle. This might help someone else who tackles this job. Use a dead blow hammer to loosen the spindle from the knuckle assembly. One common - Remove right-side noise insulation. Remove the upper and lower balljoint cotter pins and nuts, seperate the upper and lower balljoints and remove the spindle. NOTE: Be prepared to collect lubrication fluid when removing hub cap. Axle in question is on a pjtrailer. Includes required tools for axle replacement. And, if such axle breaks, the wheel is most likely to come off the vehicle. Remove the spindle with the spindle puller and slide hammer. To do that, he had to remove the big, honkin' 36mm spindle nut shown above. These units are machined with extremely precise tolerances to weld to axles and provide a sturdy, smooth base for rotation. Remove the oil seal and needle bearing from the spindle with a slide hammer and seal remover tool, 1175-AC or equivalent. Bearing bore must be free from nicks and burrs. Figure 14. Remove the spindle washer, if equipped. Remove axle cotter key and nut. hehe. Do not stand on the breaker bar to apply pressure. I took the bolt and washer off of the axle, which holds it on. B. The spindle can be reconditioned with emery cloth or a fine sand paper to remove the excess rust before installing the hub. Remove old spindle and repeat process to put new spindle on. its just more work. Lift the wheel from which you want to remove the axle nut off the ground. A GREAT TOOL FOR REMOVING YOUR FRONT WHEEL. Unbolt, then remove the splash shield and spindle from the knuckle. Gene Krebs/iStockphoto. Place the outer bearing in the hub and install the hub and bearing together on the spindle. Jul 09, 2007 · Put the spindle in from the bottom and pulley on top with no anti-seize!!!! No way to remove spindle with out removing pulley. on a 2003 four wheel drive super duty . Remove thrust washer and king pin tube from spindle, wrap towel around spindle and let spindle rest on ground. I've had to remove forging parting lines, or casting parting lines depending on the axle, and remove additional material where the spindle is fly cut on the back to clear axles. Align the spindle nut socket up with the axle nut you wish to remove. Package Include: 4x Sockets (30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm ) Note: Please feel free to contact us for whatever we can help. Next removed bolts that hold the front Axle Brace along with Front Chassis Suspension Bracket to remove Axle. 8 Screw on the Spindle Knocker all the way on and hit it squarely and sharply until the spindle lets go. REMOVE the split  Remove the hub. to remove the axles, remove brake caliper and disc, remove hub assembly, the center hub/axle nut and(there are i think 3-4 bolts on the back side of the spindle to remove the hub), you may have to force the hub off the spindle with a hammer or air hammer once the hub is out the axle should slide out of the front differential allowing access to the ball joint nuts for removal Trailer Axle Spindles, Standard Fixed Mount. axle shoulder. Sep 16, 2016 · In the early days of hot rodding, spindle choice was somewhat obvious – you put a Ford spindle on a Ford axle. Remove the castle nut from the spindle (Fig. Insert a new axle into the axle mounts and center it. Spindle. Often you have to drill it out. The bottom bracket spindle—it is a spindle and not an axle since it “ spins” on the bearings—left and right side has a simple box-shaped or square end. 3. 95 2) Remove the oil seal and needle bearing from the spindle with a slide hammer and seal remover tool, 1175-AC or equivalent. Thread the nut onto the axle until hand tight against the bearing. The inner bearing cone  1. Oct 26, 2019 · Remove the tires and wheels from the trailer axle so you can reach the hubs. Includes a detailed guide on how to remove and install a square taper bottom bracket. No brake flange attached. Brake Assembly. Put reliable, heavy-duty construction at the center of it all with high-quality trailer spindles. Sep 01, 2013 · This axle had an unfortunate failure, the retaining nut came off on the highway! Before the retaining nut came off, the hub did significant damage to the spindle assembly, requiring welding and re Take the tire off remove the axle nut remove the pinch bolt and remove the ball joint from the spindle Push the end of the axle through the spindle"center of brake rotor" that might require a Sep 16, 2014 · The Dexter Torflex removable spindle option, available on new axles, will allow trailer owners to simply remove and replace damaged spindles in the field without purchasing a new axle beam. The semi-floating axle features only one bearing, while the full-floating assembly has bearings in both the inside and outside of the wheel hub. Step 5 – Pull the spindle bearing and seal Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the spindle with a flathead or crosshead screwdriver, depending on the type of screws used. 6) and set aside. NOTE: Brakes may need to be adjusted or backed off to Remove the nut and washer from the end of the axle and swing the brake assembly and spindle out of the way. This Spindle is referred to as a #84 Spindle, using a 1 3/8" ID Inner Wheel Bearing and a 1 1/16" ID Outer Wheel Bearing. Remove hub from spindle. It is not necessary to fully remove the sensor assembly, just remove the sensor head from the hub. The technician will begin by removing the spindle. This 6. Heated it with a torch and tried beating it off to no avail. Because the outside diameter of the spindle was smaller it nan the inside diameter than the hub, I added two rows of electrical tape to the spindle to make up the difference. To do this put castellated ball joint nut on Spindle Lengths: When measuring your spindle length for use with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets, measure overall spindle length from the inner face of one crank arm to the end of the spindle. You will need to move the spindle to get the cv axle free. How to remove the spindle off the axle that the axle goes thru the center of. But even then there was some mixing and matching to be done. The other difference is about the axle removal. Remove the snap ring on the end of the axle shaft and remove the 6 bolts holding it to the brake hub. May 04, 2019 · How to replace the wheel hub spindle on a trailer axle, wheel bearing assembly. … read more Looking for a tool that will help you remove your rear axle wheel easily . Installation and Removal Procedures. Heavy duty steel construction. Only certified Axle Surgeons ® are trained to use our new, more effective and fully patented process and products. With a wheel cut of up to 55 degrees, low weight for more hauling, needle bearings that roll and an available 12,500-lb rating, Detroit™ front-steer axles provide the strength, performance, reliability and increased payload capacity you can count on. Mar 21, 2010 · Many people use rubberized gunk to keep the spindle locked into the hub. Spindle type. 3) Clean all dirt and grease from the spindle bearing bore. This video provides step-by-step instructions for removing a left front axle from a 2000 Toyota Camry. i have tried to spread the area where the bolt goes through as much as I can and the ball joint shaft will not slide out. 5. I tried impact wrench, long breaker bar with extended pipe, PB buster, turning counter-clockwise (left loosy right tighty) and it just didn't bother. lbs. to 1-7/8 in. The automobile evolved from the wagon and some cars and trucks used wagon type I-beam front axles until the early postwar years. This bolt or c-clip should be removed. I just want to change the axle seal. Aug 30, 2019 · 4 Screw the axle into place When the threaded end of the axle touches the far drop out, make sure the lever is open and begin to wind the lever to engage the axle and frame threads. Picture 11 - Remove bolts (arrows). Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a wide selection of hardened steel stock machined spindles that meet critical requirements of bearing and hub fit. Pull bolt and washer from spindle and separate spindle from axle. The new spindle must be absolutely square with the axle in order to prevent premature tire wear and wheel tracking problems. Pry axle shaft from transaxle and take entire assembly to a shop with a hydralic press to press out axle shaft from steering nuckle and bearing. Drive Size: 1/2 in. Each wheel spindle typically has a yoke attached to it that fits over one end of the axle. 11-Remove -CV 11. For use with Dexter Torsion Axles that use Removable Spindles. Spindle/Axle Nut Socket Application Guide Spindle-Axle Nut Socket 3/12/08 10:02 AM Page 1. Use one hand to push the axle from the front, and use your other hand to pull the steering knuckle outward from the axle. Spindle is a #42 with 2-1/4 seal x 1-3/4 inner bearing and a 1-1/4 outer bearing. 24. the cv axle was 75 bucks i believe. 14 Jul 2016 ItsDijital decided to replace the clutch on his Honda, and one of the first steps was removing the CV axles from the transmission. No need to remove axle housing. Next removed 5/8-11 bolt and lock nut that fastens the Front Axle to the Front and Rear Axle Braces. Remove Spindle. The process is faster, more convenient, and lower-cost than other methods of spindle repair. how to remove spindle from axle

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